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Resilience , Therapeutical implications

Strength-based interventions: Moving from high-risk to high-yieldMichael D. Clark 
Promoting Resilience in Children, Adolescents and Adults.Lyn Worsley  
Transitioning to the ‘Third Wave’ Behaviour Therapies and their Relevance to Self-Care and Resiliency.Ken Pakenham 
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Resilience and sexual abuse

Coping and resilience amongst men sexually abused in childhoodPatrick O'Leary 
The relation among family of origin functioning, resilience, and traumatic symptoms in young adults reporting a history of childhood physical and/or emotional abusePatricia Petretic 
Creating Resilience with Child Protection Using Community Development practices and PrinciplesMargaret McKenzie 
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Therapists and counsellors resilence

Resilience and Compassion Satisfaction in Clinicians Exposed to the 9/11 DisasterCarol Tosone 
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Resilient women

Profiles in resilience: The experiences of women seeking shelter in Pakistan.Filomena Critelli 
What’s Hope got to do with it?- Coping, resilience and hope for mothers of a child with disabilityLorelei Carpenter 
Motherhood and Mothering: reflections from researching resilience in KashmirShweta Verma 
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Depression; Risks and Resilience factors

Risk and resilience in depression: Why some people become depressed following stress while others do notGeorge M Slavich 
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Resilience in Children and adolescents

Personal and developmental factors in coping and resilience:A group case studyKathryn Jackson 
Psychosocial intervention in extreme military violence: Effectiveness in enhancing children's socio-emotional competenceKirsi Peltonen 
The multiple roles of the school as a protective factor for children in post-war communities in CroatiaJana Dusper 
Building the resiliency of teenage girls and what happens when they have purposeRuth Knight 
An intersectional view on violence-resilience of adolescentsWassilis Kassis 
Building Children’s Resilience: Early intervention and strengths practice.Angela Cowan 
Real Kids in an Unreal world – Building Resilience in Today’s ChildrenMaggie Dent 
Discovering Resilience in the Rhythm of the Body and the Melody of the MusicChiara Ridolfi 
Case study of a comprehensive, multisystem strengths-based drug prevention interventionVeonna Goliath 
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Hope and resilience

The intertwining of coping, resilience and hope: A review from social work perspectivesAzlinda Azman 
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Community resilience

Risky business: Coping strategies and resilience amongst survivors of structural inequalities and precarious livesLena Dominelli 
Psychoeducation as resilience-building for asylum-children with traumatized parentsAnne Bovbjerg 
Healing systems: A model of collective trauma and resiliency in post-conflict communitiesRiva Kantowitz 
The components of resilience - perceptions of an Australian rural communityHelen Ross 
Measuring outcomes, achieving resilienceRaymond Lemay 
Supporting resilience in large-scale emergencies: Promising practices and do no harm issuesMichael Wessels 
Resilience and Transformational Change: The case study of Jaguariba, a Brazilian CommunityIsabelle E Amorim 
Creating Resilience in the Communities for Children PolicyAntonia Hendrick 
Community designed ICT's for building resilience:The Granitenet project.Kathryn Mclachlan 
Managing for Social Resilience: Combining environmental, social and aboriginal roles to enhance resilience in North QueenslandHelen Ross 
The Strengths and Resilience of Poverty Stricken Rural Families and how They Survive in South AfricaMecuitio Motshedi 
Building Community Resilience for Mitigation of Disaster – An OverviewG C Mohanta 
Using Social Media to rebuild social resilience among large dispersed populations: The challenge of climate change in rural AustraliaTerry Reilly 
Resilience Among Sudanese ImmigrantsKate Murray  
History of Child PsychotherapyPeter F Blake 
Narratives of lives interrupted by war: Re-establishing equilibrium and meaning post war.Karen Fagerstrom 
The recovery of mental health and human rights of victims of political violence in Peru and the work of CAPSErika Cuba 
Systemic approach to working with vulnerable people. An Australian experience.Desley Hargreaves 
Healing culture Trauma - The Marumali journey of healing.Lorraine Peeters 
Community Resilience to Mental HealthSuresh Pathare 
Coping and resilience in perennial floods of BangladeshTulshi Kumar Das 
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Resilience in illness

The Kgolo Mmogo project: Resilience and participation in a group intervention for HIV-infected woman and their children in South AfricaIrma Eloff 
The Importance of Hope in Coping with Catastrophic InjuryPat Dorsett 
Is Resilience an Appropriate Concept to Attach to Schizophrenia?Sue Liersch 
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Family resilience

Exploring Family Resilience in Families Living with AddictionBee Teng Lim 
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Spirituality and resilience

The God factor in resilienceColleen Hirst 
Grounded transcendence: Spirituality as personal and communal resilienceCynthia Eriksson 
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Research on Resilience

The secret of resilience: Personality and developmental factorsRaija-Leena Punamäki 
Will controlling the risks, grow the resilience of young people?Fran Gale 
Relationship of resilience to personality temperament and character factors in systemic autoimmune disorders (SLE, RA, SSC)Enikő Gyöngyösiné Kiss 
Psychological immunity: A new concept of coping and resilienceAttila Olah 
Supporting resilience in large-scale emergencies: Promising practices and do no harm issuesMichael Wessels 
Empowering Individuals’ Inherent Coping and Resilience with Neurotechnology: An alternative, evidence-based approachJonathan Robert Banks 
Exploring the connection between values, resilience and well-being.Samata Vasisht 
Resilience in Resettlement: Young People from Refugee Backgrounds Discuss Mental Health, Wellbeing and Coping Strategies.Mike Oliver 
Resilience and Refugee Trauma: From Research to Clinical InterventionsAngela Nickerson 
Research in ResilienceDoris McIlwain 
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Conceptualising Resilience

Are resilience protective factors unique from or just absence indicators of poor mental health?Oddgeir Friborg 
Is Resilience a renewable Resource?Venkat Pulla 
How Mindset can Create or Disrupt Resilience and HopeRichard Hill 
Creating conditions for rapid, positive change.Venkat Pulla 
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Personal accounts on Resilience

Survivor through faith 
Scottie’s Story of Coping and ResilienceScottie McGuiness 
From being Devalued and Powerless to Coping and Resilient: A personal story of recovery and successJohn Dommett 
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Resilience and Proto-conversation

Resilience and the Proto-conversationRussell Meares 
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